Meet Morrison SWCD’s new forester

NRCS-supported position expands ability to work with private landowners throughout county, Camp Ripley Sentinel Landscape

A man sits in front of a grassy hill with Camp Ripley spelled out in white letters.
“A lot of my job is to guide people in the right direction,” said Morrison SWCD forester New Noska, who spends part of his time at Camp Ripley. Photo Credit: Ann Wessel, BWSR

“There is a large chunk of Morrison County that is forested,” said Morrison SWCD Manager Shannon Wettstein. “To have someone that can specifically help landowners with their questions and how to manage lands is priceless.”

Army Compatible Use Buffer Map Courtesy of Morrison SWCD

“We’re trying to create more opportunities for landowners to learn alongside of us, and bring in more dollars so they can do the management if they’re so inspired after they learn more about what they can do on their land,” said NRCS District Conservationist Josh Hanson.

Natural Resources Conservation Service website:
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Our mission is to improve and protect Minnesota’s water and soil resources by working in partnership with local organizations and private landowners.