St. Paul Parks and Recreation, Capitol Region Watershed District’s Clean Water Fund supported work at Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary treats stormwater before it reaches the Mississippi

A north-facing aerial view of Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary in St. Paul shows railroad tracks and Interstate Highway 35 East on the right, and Trout Brook Regional Trail along the left. This image was captured in 2016. Photo Credit: Capitol Region Watershed District

Valley Branch Watershed District’s Clean Water Fund project focuses on reducing phosphorus via stormwater treatment, bio-retention basin, to maintain quality of metro lake book-ended by parks; known for public boat launch, piers, swimming beach

Silver Lake attracts anglers to Joy Park in Maplewood, seen here, and to Silver Lake Park in North St. Paul on the south shore. It supports sunfish and largemouth bass, along with walleye, northern pike, other panfish and channel catfish, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website. Both parks have fishing piers. Joy Park is the site of Maplewood’s only public boat launch. Contributed Photos

City works with willing landowners, Nobles SWCD, Minnesota Rural Water Association on Clean Water Fund project to curb nitrate levels in drinking water

A south-facing view from Adrian’s water treatment plant shows the wellhead protection area. The city’s location just off Interstate Highway 90 has made it more challenging to plant cover crops. The powerlines that parallel the freeway make aerial seeding impossible. In recent years, equipment has become more available for ground seeding. Photo Credits: Ed Lenz, BWSR

With a rotational grazing plan and EQIP assistance from the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, a Pope County beef producer with farm-to-fork plans is improving forage on a former CRP enrollment and anticipating water-quality benefits

Within the first two years of her NRCS contract, Jennifer Olson and her husband, James, have fenced nearly 5,000 feet of the perimeter. They’ll convert about 155 acres to rotationally grazed paddocks, add a water system and seed 4.2 acres into native plants. Photo Credits: Ann Wessel, BWSR

Pennington SWCD Manager Bryan Malone, right, talks about a planned streambank stabilization with the SWCD’s water plan coordinator Peter Nelson, center, and resource technician Matthew Sorvig in November 2019 at the Greenwood Street bridge, which spans the Red Lake River in Thief River Falls. A Clean Water Fund grant from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources will help to cover the cost at three sites, which were identified and prioritized through a previous Clean Water Fund accelerated implementation grant. Malone has since taken a job as the Becker SWCD manager; Nelson has become the Pennington SWCD manager. Photo Credits: Ann Wessel, BWSR

Landowners’ Clean Water Fund-backed side-water inlet work with county engineer, SWCD fixes erosion problems where field and county ditches meet, improves Red Lake River water quality

Pennington SWCD staff talk to contractor Ryan Anderson of Anderson Services in Newfolden at the site of side-water inlet work on the Pennington County Ditch 96 system near Thief River Falls. It’s part of gully control and buffer implementation on three county ditch systems, made possible with a Clean Water Fund grant from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. Photo Credits: Ann Wessel, BWSR

In a watershed that feeds the Cannon River, Clean Water Funds from BWSR, cooperation from landowners and support from the Greater Jefferson German Lakes Association result in prioritized phosphorus reduction practices

Years ago, the wetland on the corner of Leo Koppelman’s Cleveland Township farm was a meadow. He stood at the site of a 2.5-acre wetland restoration before work began. The Le Sueur County SWCD project, which finished in summer 2020 and draws from a BWSR Clean Water Fund grant, directs water from neighbors’ upland fields through the wetland. The water is now treated before it enters Middle Jefferson Lake. Photo Credit: Ann Wessel, BWSR

Clean Water Fund project also protects northern pike spawning habitat

Corryn Trask, Lake of the Woods SWCD resource conservationist, and Josh Stromlund, Lake of the Woods SWCD and Land & Water Planning department director, examined a segment of Judicial Ditch 28 paralleling County Road 4 before a Clean Water Fund project began. Completed in summer 2020, the channel stabilization is designed to curb bank erosion, improve water quality and protect fish passage to spawning sites. Photo Credit: Ann Wessel, BWSR

All 40-some plans implemented with EQIP assistance over the years remain in operation. Reliable water supplies lead to faster weight gain in calves and higher-quality forage in paddocks.

NRCS District Conservationist Jim Schwab, left, and Mark Larson checked on cattle in a Kittson County paddock that has been rotationally grazed for nearly 20 years. Throughout Kittson County, 40-some NRCS-supported grazing plans encompass about 13,510 acres. EQIP assistance helps to offset the cost of installing permanent water supplies and fencing paddocks. Photo Credits: Ann Wessel, BWSR

$490,000 Wright SWCD multipurpose drainage management project treats 10% of ditch system affecting impaired Ann Lake, taps Clean Water Funds

Landowner Craig Brose, right, and Wright SWCD wetland resource conservationist Andrew Grean talked about the pond that straddles land owned by Brose and a neighbor. It’s among the best management practices within the 20,000-acre Wright County Ditch 10 drainage area designed to alleviate flooding within the ditch system and decrease downstream nutrient- and sediment-loading. Photo Credits: Ann Wessel, BWSR

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

Our mission is to improve and protect Minnesota’s water and soil resources by working in partnership with local organizations and private landowners.

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